Communication for development for CRVS practitioners

The Communication for Development e-learning Course has been developed for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) practitioners interested in learning how to apply communication for development approaches to achieve timely, effective, and universal civil registration of vital events. The course comprises six self-learning modules and takes about 3-4 hours to complete.

Social norms and customs often pose severe obstacles to reaching civil registration services. Even when civil registration services are accessible for most of the population, power relations in the family and gender inequalities often play a role. Also, the understanding of the importance of civil registration might be low among community members, health workers, and other authorities, and the public pressure to register vital events is lacking. Leaders or other respected people in the communities must set a good example of using and advocating for registration services.

This course shows how it is possible to increase the acceptance, demand, and use of civil registration services, and how governments can achieve these improvements through the development of strategic action plans for social and behavior change interventions. The strategic interventions should address barriers on individual, social, and environmental levels, and ensure the communication is based on dialogue with communities and addressing social and collective change, not individual behavior.