Using CRVS Data in Public Health Journalism

As data become more prevalent and accessible, good reporting on civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS)—at the community, national, and global levels—requires journalists who can understand and use data. This e-learning course builds the data use skills of journalists to develop stories related to CRVS. The course will provide a detailed overview of CRVS—what it is and why it is important, including for human rights and equity—and build skills related to data use in reporting. Topics covered include: common data-related terms and concepts; primary sources of CRVS data; basic methods for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing CRVS data; and effective tactics for interviewing public health experts and leaders about data-rich topics. This course is designed for journalists who write about public health topics, and participants will be guided in developing a CRVS-related data story for publication.