Introduction to Epidemiology

This module provides a refresher on the foundations of epidemiology. It covers the measures of frequency which include count, prevalence, and incidence. It concludes by discussing descriptive epidemiology, which answers the questions, what, who, when and where about health events.

Introduction to Advanced Epidemiology

Sources and Uses of PH Data

Data Visualization and Mapping

Burden of Disease

Health Inequity

Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Assessing Routine Health Data

Introduccion a la epidemiologia

Introduccion a la epidemiologia avanzada

Fuentes y Usos de Datos de Salud Publica

Visualizacion y mapeo de datos

Carga de Enfermedad

Inequidad en la salud

Toma de decisiones basada en evidencia

Evaluacion de datos rutinarios de salud

Medical Certification of Cause of Death Course (Anglophone)

Introduction a l'epidemiologie


D2P Virtual Adaptation: Beta testing of Module 9

Module 9 was chosen as a prototype for the development of the learning model for D2P virtual adaptation.

The idea for this prototype is to send it to the beta test participants to collect and analyze their feedback

Feedback evaluation results will inform the final design of the learning model.

Introduction a l'epidemiologie avancee

Sources et utilisations des donnees de sante publique

Visualisation et cartographie des donnees

Fardeau de la maladie

L'iniquite en matiere de sante

Prise de decision factuelle

Evaluation des donnees de sante de routine

Latinoamrica Comunidad de Prctica

Problem Framing and Root Cause Analysis

Data to Policy, Train-the-Trainer

Policy and Policy Briefs

Literature Search and Other Data Sources

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping

Using CRVS Data in Public Health Journalism

Framing an Economic Evaluation

Data to Policy Program Master Schedule

H5P Content Library

This is the course that will house all of the H5P material so that students can view it.

Communicating with Data

Assessing Policy Options Health Impacts

Cost Analysis

Economic Evaluation

Rapid Mortality Surveillance - Community of Practice - Africa

Template_Literature Search and Other Data Sources

Data to Policy Program Master Schedule